Shower Escapades.

  Just when we thought erotic stories couldn't get any hotter, our secret Tgirl friend has given us another edition of one of her amazing true-life stories. For our second installment, she takes us on a quick tour of her in the shower before diving into her private life to give us all a quick peak at the ritual she performs with her boyfriend on an almost daily basis. This story is real – written by an amazing transgendered woman who is as beautiful on the inside as she is on the outside. Honestly, she is absolutely amazing and, as you will soon find out; her boyfriend is one very, very lucky guy! 

  Knowing that Tommy would be home in about an hour I knew it was time to get out of my casual day clothes; form-fitting jeans and a yellow blouse and into something sexier for his arrival.

  I pour myself a glass of wine and carry it into the bedroom. As I unbutton my blouse I briefly admire the girls in the mirror, my 36 C breasts are encased in a lace yellow demi bra. Reaching around, I unsnap the bra and let it fall off my body and onto the floor. My index finger and thumb gently squeeze my nipples before I tug on the rings piercing each nipple. I admire them a bit longer before sliding out of my jeans. I had been wearing lace boy-short panties during the day but they weren't sexy enough for tonight and the start of our weekend together after Tommy’s long trip! I slip out of them and stare at my body in the mirror. I stand 5'-9" when not wearing heels and weigh around 135 pounds. My shoulder-length hair, perky breasts, toned stomach, narrow hips and well-toned legs make me one sexy woman if I do say so myself.

  Remembering that I don’t have much time to get ready, I step into a sheer pink thong. I then pull my Lace pink baby doll over my head and allow it to fall over my body.
TS Alessandra Blonde in the shower

  I complete my outfit with (4) inch stiletto sandals. I pick up my glass and finish the wine. Walking back into the kitchen I begin to get dinner started and to wait for Tommy. I can feel myself becoming aroused - knowing what he will have planned for tonight after 5 days without being together. I get shivers up and down my spine just thinking about it!!

  As Tommy walks into the kitchen and I embrace him tightly. His kiss is warm and full of desire. I press my breasts tightly to his chest - with my heels, we are eye-to-eye as we kiss. His hand slides under hem of my baby doll and he begins to press a finger between my cheeks. Then he pulls away and says he's going to change before dinner. I pout in frustration knowing now I won’t feel him inside of me until after dinner!!

  Dinner is Chicken Marsala and a salad. Over dinner we talk about our week. I tell him all about all the naughty dreams I had during the week. I give him all the details about my Comic Con seduction fantasy, especially about the part where I am sitting on Steve’s lap kissing him and then how he slowly opened my legs with his as we both watched the scene unfold in the mirror. I told him how my body reacted in the dream, how my hips and body were undulating under his touch.

  I could tell Tommy was really enjoying hearing about this dream. I also told him how horny I had been all week and how I had to ride my Monkey chair several times while he was gone just to calm myself down. He smiled and said I was such a naughty little girl to which I responded that I was his naughty girl!!!

  After dinner Tommy tells me that he needs to check some emails on the computer and that I have 30 minutes to get the kitchen cleaned up from dinner and get myself ready for him.

  I kiss Tommy on the cheek and begin to clear the table and stack the dishes on the counter. I know I need to work quickly because tonight will be a very fun filled night!!

  I quickly rinse the dishes and load the dishwasher. I check the clock and see that I still have 20 minutes so I hustle down the hallway to our bedroom. I pull the baby doll over my head and feel the weight of my breasts swinging freely. I kick off my sandals, and slide my thong over my hips and onto the floor.

  Our shower is a work of master craftsmanship. It was the first project Tommy undertook when I moved into the house with him. The shower was already very large with shower heads on opposite walls but he installed a third one directly in the center he also added additional support beams in the ceiling - enough to hold my all of my weight suspended from the eye hooks.

  I pull out two bars with attached cables from their hiding spot in the closet. The cables have two different lengths that I hang from the eye hooks in ceiling of the shower. I install both bars in their proper place and note that I only have a few more minutes to finish. I get the rest of the necessary equipment and carry it all into the shower. I fasten one of the spreader bar cuffs around my ankles - my feet are now spread slightly wider than my shoulders. Then I step up onto a 6” high wooden platform and fasten stainless steel chains to the lower of the two bars. I then hook the chains to my nipple rings, which lifts my 36C breasts slightly. Finally, I lift my arms over my head and grab onto the higher of the two bars.
TS Alessandra Blonde in the shower

  Just as my hands grasp the bar above my head Tommy walks in to the bathroom and grins at me. He is wearing his bikini briefs and they are already tenting from his excitement. I gaze lustfully at his athletic body, I am always amazed at how much I am turned on with just his physical appearance. Tommy places his hands on my breasts and caresses them gently. I am purring and moaning at his touch. He then leans forward and presses his lips to mine as his tongue enters my mouth. The kiss is both passionate and aggressive and I know from experience that this will set the tone for our session tonight.

  He steps back and removes his briefs. His erection is rock hard and it is standing against his equally hard abs. His hands lightly move around my belly as he walks behind me and bends down to the platform on which I am standing.

  "Darling, please step forward and I'll get this platform out of our way so I can begin to pleasure my beautiful and naughty girl."

  Knowing the result, but helpless to do anything except what I am asked, I step forward and off the platform. The bar between my ankles makes the effort clumsy. As my body is now six inches lower, the steel chains between the bar and my nipple rings pulls my breasts up sharply. My breasts are now suspended by the relative height of the bar and I know they will soon begin to ache.

  Tommy walks from the bathroom but promptly returns holding a riding crop in his right hand. Without a word of warning, he flicks the crop onto my right ass cheek. He then repeats this motion nine more times on my left cheek before applying ten similar slaps of the crop to my right cheek. I jerk slightly with each slap and my breasts are pulled every time I rock back from the crop. Tommy begins to alternate cheeks and after at least 30 blows, both of my ass cheeks are glowing red. I bite my lip to keep from crying out. My hands are sweating as I hold tightly onto the bar over her head. Tommy's hand rubs my cheeks and my entire body shudders at the sensational feeling.

  With not quite the same force, the crop is soon applied to the backs of my thighs and calves.

  Tommy knows this makes my legs weak and causes my body to sag. This only increases the tension on my breasts. He walks around in front of me and I can see his beautiful erection and the crop in his right hand. I feel my body tense as he lightly presses the crop to my belly. The crop moves down my belly and now I feel it lightly flicking around my swollen clit. My body jerks away and the sensation to my stretched breasts causes me to bite harder on my lip.

  While Tommy pulls and tugs on my clit with his left hand, he also lightly flicks the crop to my breasts. The crop hits various spots on the underside of my sensitive skin with an occasional flick to my stretched nipples. He continues this long enough to turn her breasts a light pink in color before he stops.

   Large, wet tears are now running down my cheeks and dripping onto my tits. Not that it matters, but it's now been over 30 minutes since the first flick of the crop. Tommy steps over to the counter and picks up a tube of lotion. Walking behind me, he gets down on his knees. His hands part my red ass cheeks and I wince at the pain. Soon that pain is forgotten as his face presses tightly between my cheeks and his tongue snakes to the rim of my pussy. His curled tongue darts inside my rim and I feel his tongue entering me. Tommy is a master at Rim Jobs and I try to twist my ass to his tongue. But like all great pleasures when one is not in control, this comes to an end all-to-soon.
TS Alessandra Blonde in the shower

  Squirting a lubricant onto his left hand, he liberally coats the fingers of his latex glove-covered hand. I feel his fingers sliding between my ass cheeks and two fingers sliding inside my pussy. After the second insertion, a third finger and then a fourth finger are now being forced inside of me. I grip the bar with my hands tighter to maintain my balance. It's not abusive or rough, but the size of his hand is forcing my pussy to open very wide to take him. I try to rock onto my toes to lessen the tension on my tits but Tommy's right hand on my hip pulls me back down flat to the ground. After more than fifteen minutes, his hand slides free of my pussy and I hear the latex gloves being pulled from his hands.

  Thinking I will next feel his beautiful cock against my rim, I relax my body momentarily. And when I do, SNAP! A crop slaps down quickly against my right ass cheek. I Yelp at the sudden unexpected pain. Many more slaps from the crop follow until my ass cheeks are once again crimson red. My breathing shortens from the pain on my ass to the extent that I don't realize the slaps have halted. Tommy quickly slides behind me and thrusts his cock into my gaping pussy. The first thrust nearly buries his entire eleven-inches inside of me. He pulls me tightly to him, his hands wrapping around my waist. His lips nuzzle my neck as I fall slightly backwards against his strong, sexy body.

  His hips thrust upward and this time his cock does fully impale my pussy. I clinch to secure him tightly to me. My ass cheeks are on fire as Tommy presses against me but my thoughts are now of the pleasure and not the pain. He loves fucking my pussy and he takes long, deep strokes tonight. After more than 50 thrusts inside me, his hands deftly move up my torso and he quickly unfastens the chains that attach my nipple rings to the bar. My heavy breasts fall earthward and his hands caress my tits. His fingers play with my nipples and the rings that pierce them. My body relaxes into his but I am ever-careful to maintain my hold on the bar above me.

  Wanting to feel more of him inside of me I begin to push my ass down against his thrusting cock. It feels like he will split me open with his magnificent tool. He starts to grunt with his thrusts and I know his orgasm nears. "That's it Papi. Fuck your Maria's sweet body! Fuck me please ... I want to feel you explode inside me!"

  Two years of regular fucking has created a dynamic where one knows what to say to the other at just the right time. Hearing me say please causes Tommy to thrust into me and explode with a massive orgasm. He buries his cock deeply inside me and holds me still as his white-hot cum flows from his cock. I turn my head towards him and we kiss deeply and passionately once more. I feel his cum inside me and brings me such bliss.

  Tommy takes care of me every day and provides such a great life for me and to give him this level of pleasure is the best way I can say show him how much I love him.

  He slips free of my pussy and once again I am aware of the pain to my tender tits and ass cheeks.

  Tommy then says, "Now get yourself cleaned up and put our toys away. And then join me in the living room.

  He towels off his cock and then turns on all three showers. The cold water on my hot skin makes me jump and nearly fall from being off-balance. I release the bar, and then bend over to unfasten my ankles. The water warms quickly as I soap my body. I feel his cum drain from my pussy and run down my thighs. I let the water run over my clit but is careful not to touch it with my hands in case Tommy walks back into the room.

  Stepping out of the shower, I towel my body dry. It's difficult as every touch of the terry cloth towel to my ass cheeks renews the pain. Lightly toweling my hair and then applying just a touch of make-up and of course, lipstick, I am ready for him. I slip on a short, silk robe and barely fasten it at the waist. Tommy is watching sports highlights on TV and I slide in beside him on the couch.

By Seditio