A Yoga Lust Story.

  One of the best things about working on a blog like this is that you get the opportunity to meet some really wonderful and amazing people. We have really been fortunate in that everyone we have worked with and/or interviewed so far have been absolutely amazing! A few days ago, we had the pleasure of meeting another incredible woman who was willing to share with us a little story that happened to her a short time ago!
  This woman is, in a word, amazing! She is the epitome of beauty – from her stunning, drop-dead gorgeous looks to her beautiful heart and soul, there very few people that possess the inner beauty that she has. She is kind, caring, very intelligent, classy, unbelievably sexy, a little bit naughty, and looks absolutely stunning in a bikini!! Unfortunately, she wants to remain anonymous, thus the lack of real pics and the change of names, venue and location. However, we think there’s a real good chance that she will be participating for us from time to time! Is the story below true??? You’ll just have to decide that for yourself, but here is a rare opportunity to read an amazing story from the perspective of a beautiful, gorgeous and sexy transgendered woman! We hope you enjoy it as much as we did!

I decided to stay after yoga class for a few minutes to work on some particular yoga poses, my legs and lower back were feeling particularly stiff from the increased workouts of the last few weeks and I really needed to loosen up my muscles.

I have been going a bit overboard with the workouts for the past couple of weeks because I wanted to look especially hot and sexy at Comic Con. I knew with the costumes I had planned and a nice toned body would have all the boys at comic con drooling and asking for me to pose in pictures with them. I have always loved the attention I get from the horny boys at the Comic Con Conventions. This year however I also have other motives for looking my best, This year I am hoping that I can seduce the man that claims he cannot be seduced, my very dear and handsome friend Mark. I am hoping that between all the erotic dreams I have been sharing with him these last few weeks, his general attraction for me, and his overall horniness that I will be able to seduce him on the last night we are together.

So this afternoon, even though Eric had been hitting on me in a very obvious manner for the last month, I decided to stay so that I could stretch a bit more before going home. My muscles really needed it.

First I started with the Downward Dog pose to loosen up not only my legs but also my lower back.

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As was his usual MO for flirting Eric got behind me and slowly and gently pulled back on my hips and in doing so pulled my bottom up tightly against his very hard erection. With only the two of us in the yoga studio Eric seemed to be a bid bolder in his sexual advances towards me. Perhaps he also thought since I had stayed behind after class that was an invitation for him to continue the advances. Perhaps it was an invitation in the back of my head somewhere. After all he is a very attractive and very fit man. If I were not in a relationship I would have been all over him long ago, but of course there is my little secret also, and I could never be sure on how he would react if he knew. Even though over the years I have found that most guys in public with their bros will gay bash and act macho, but in private they are more than willing to make love to girls like me!! But you can never be too sure and I certainly don’t feel like getting hit or worse.

So I continued my innocent flirting with him thinking that it would stay that way that way and I could get in another 20 minutes of really good stretching before heading home and another fantasy for Eric to remember tonight when he got home.

After working on my downward dog pose for a few minutes, Eric suggested I try a few different variations of the Camel Pose, he thought they would really help loosen up my lower back, hip flexors, and abs. First he had me get into the traditional Camel Pose which meant I was on my knees arching back looking up to the ceiling with my arms stretched out behind me and my hands resting on my heels.

Once I got comfortable in the position Eric stepped in front of me and reached down with his hands and pulled up against upper back while at the same time his feet were positioned against my knees so that I would get a deeper stretch in my hip flexors. This positioning gave the Eric the added benefit of placing his erection directly between my breasts while at the same time his forearms were able to squeeze my breasts together around the erection in his shorts. He slowly began rocking me in this pose which allowed him to basically slowly titty fuck me through my sports bra. To say that Eric was happy I stayed after class was extremely evident at this moment!! His movements along my breast caused my nipples to harden even more and I was sure he could see them poking through the thin material of my Pink Sports Bra.

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After about 5 minutes of the camel pose my hip flexors were now feeling loose and ready for more advance and deeper stretches. My nipples on the other hand were now fully erect and needing desperate need of some attention. In the back of my head I secretly hoped that he would bend over and take my nipples and breasts into his mouth. I knew this wouldn't happen, but a girl can always dream. I stole a quick glance at Eric shorts and noticed a wet spot forming. Maybe it wouldn't be so bad to let him in on my secret. I knew he wanted me!!

The next pose that Eric suggested was the Camel Bridge Pose.
This pose required me to lay on my back, bend my knees bringing my feet close to my bottom, my arms along the sides of my body, and then lifting my bottom into the air while keeping my shoulder blades on the floor. I instantly felt my bottom tighten and a deep stretch to my thighs and hip flexors. Once into position, Eric straddled his legs over my body with his back facing me (picture Reverse Cowboy). I could see his bottom flex as he squatted down and began to gently pull on my hips and rock my gently back and forth to give me a better stretch. For him it gave him the added benefit of rubbing his erection over my crotch slowly and deliberately. To say that I was getting horny at this point would be a huge understatement. If he kept this up much longer I was not sure my tuck job would hold up!! Finally much to my disappointment or relief, I am not quite sure the pose ended!!

The last pose Eric suggested I try was another modified camel pose, only this time he had me lay on my back and then cross my legs (think Indian style), then holding onto my feet slowly arch my back and neck so that I am now resting on my bottom and the top of my head.
Once I got myself into position Eric again straddled his legs over my body this time however he was facing me. Squatting over me he slowly began to pull up on the middle of my back causing my breast and erect nipples to be displayed for him!! Sensing my obvious arousal at this point I felt his warm breath on my neck and chest which caused an appreciative moan from my parted lips!! Next I felt his moist lips begin every so softly kiss my neck and slowly make their way down the middle of my chest to the top of my sports bra! My breathing began to increase as my desires rose within me!! Eric then lowered my body back down to the floor as I felt the weight of his body now on top of me!! I felt Eric's hands tug at the bottom band of my sports bra, and soon the sports bras was ripped up over my head and thrown aside. Eric stopped for a moment, looking at my breasts, before diving towards them and attacking them with his mouth. I could tell he was not going to be a gentle lover, that much was certain. He was forceful, bordering on rough, but never quite passing over the line. He seemed to instinctively know how much pressure and force to apply to be on the edge of being painful, but still on the pleasurable side of the line between pleasure and pain.

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My nipples reacted to his mouth and tongue, and were soon they were rock hard. Eric gladly licked and sucked on my pert nipples and occasionally would bite and tug at my nipple rings. He had been working my nipples with his lips and tongue, but now I was aroused, he started to gently nip and bit at them as well, holding them between his teeth just long enough that I was on the verge of pushing him off, and then releasing. After the slight pain, I would always experience a wave of pleasure. Eric seemed to know exactly my thresholds.

He started to move down my body, licking my stomach and working on my belly button. I allowed him to caress my body with his tongue until he reached the elastic of my Lycra exercise shorts, then I pushed him off and bounced up.

"Oh, Eric," I said, on the verge of tears. "That was so good, but we can't go further. I haven't been honest with you. I am not who I seem. You'll never forgive me!” I sat with a thud on the yoga mat.

Eric smiled and took a few steps towards me. He knelt before me, and put his hand tenderly on my arms. "Kathy, you are a beautiful, amazing woman. There is nothing you could say that would make me mad at you."

"No, what I haven't told you, it is not forgivable," I said, looking away.

Eric stroked my arm. "Please, Kathy, tell me your secret. Tell me, and I promise I will love you for it," he said.

I turned my head back towards him and looked into his eyes for a few moments. I could see he was sincere. I felt bad about deceiving him.

I stood up, and pulled off my shorts. Eric’s eyes scanned down my body until his gaze rested on the area between my legs. He admired my beautiful, semi-rigid clit. "You are a beautiful woman, with something extra for me," he said.

Eric took my clit in his hand, and slowly moved forward until the tip of it touched his lips. He moved his head back and forth, letting his lips run along the tip it. He moved his head away for a moment, and I could see his lips were moist with a gloss of pre-cum. The vision made my clitty grow slightly harder.

Eric moved his head forward again, this time parting his lips and taking the head of my clit into his mouth. He massaged the tip with his tongue and lips, not pushing himself down on me yet. As rough as he had been with me when sucking my breasts, he was gentle now, tenderly loving the head of my clit with his mouth.

I grew to my full length. Eric started to take more of me in his mouth, pushing himself down my shaft before pulling all the way back to the tip, and then pushing back down again. I moaned the feeling of his tongue and mouth working my shaft and head was exquisite.

His hands moved up my legs until he reached my waist. He moved his right hand underneath my legs, and started to massage my balls. His left he moved around behind me, massaging my bottom.

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I began panting, a cue that Eric took to speed up the action of his mouth. He started pumping his face up and down on my shaft quicker, and his left hand found its way between my butt cheeks and up against my rosy pussy. Luis pushed himself all the way down on my clit, and then plunged a finger into my pussy.

Eric started bobbing his head up and down on me quickly as his finger pushed in and out of my pussy, massaging my prostate.

My legs began to shake and my pussy started convulsing around Eric’s finger. I grabbed his thick black hair in my hands and pushed myself as far into his mouth as I could moaning loudly and releasing myself into his mouth. My salty-sweet juice coated the inside of his mouth, and he quickly swallowed it down, continuing to suck on me trying to coax more out. Once I was spent and he had gulped down every drop of my cum, he released me from his mouth and pulled his finger out of my pussy.

Eric stood up and smiled. "See, Kathy, I told you I would love you for your secret." Eric pulled off his shirt and threw it across the room, and then pulled down his pants. "Now that I have loved you, will you love me in return?" He pulled off his pants to reveal are large, thick cock.

Eric pushed me onto my back on the yoga mat, and then grabbed my legs. He lifted them in the air, pulling them apart and lifting my bottom up to meet his rock hard penis.

"Yes, let's see how much love you can give me in return," he said as he pushed himself fully into my pussy. I ended up staying very late at the yoga studio, Eric continued to alternate between the tender man who sucked my clit and the rough and tumble lover who bit on my tits and pushed himself into my pussy.
It was one of the strangest sexual experiences I had ever had. It was almost like there were two Eric’s'. The one who liked to gently and tenderly lick clit and bottom with soft lips and a silken tongue, and the growling Eric with the rough hands and large cock who pushed himself deeply, rapidly and repeatedly into my pussy. 

Not that I minded. I liked the two sides of the man, and the heights he had taken me to.

Eric stood up and grabbed me, picking me up in his strong arms. He carried me over to the sofa before throwing me on it. He jumped up on the sofa and supported himself over me, kissing me tenderly on the lips. I could see his cock was already getting hard again.

I put my hands on his chest and with a push tossed him over so that he was on his back on the sofa. I got on my hands and knees and crawled between his legs. I looked up and smiled at Eric before opening my mouth and sticking out my tongue, running it along the left side of his hardening cock. Once I reached the top of his dick, I slowly and seductively massaged it with my tongue.

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Eric moaned and asked me to suck him, but I didn't take him in my mouth, not yet. Instead I let my tongue run down the right side of his cock. I reached the base of his cock, and continued to lick slowly around his ball sack. My tongue slipped into the spaces between his scrotum and leg, and he moaned with pleasure. I licked the underside of his scrotum, letting my tongue run tantalizingly close to his puckered bottom. Then I ran my tongue up the other side of his sack. Eric was now rock solid hard.

I again repeated the whole motion moving up the left side of his shaft, again ignoring his plea to suck him as I licked the top of his cock, and again running my tongue down the other side of his cock. When I reached the base of his cock, this time I licked and sucked on his scrotum, playfully jabbing his balls with my tongue. I moved down between his legs, letting my tongue work along his taint. Eric raised his bottom up in the air, spreading his legs. I knew that invitation, and ran my tongue over his tight opening. I started to work at his hole with the tip of my bright red tongue, and before long his bottom started to blossom, letting my tongue explore deeper and deeper inside him. In just a few moments, my tongue was buried deep in Eric’s' bottom and my lips pressed against his butt cheeks.

Eric started moving his hips up and down, forcing the tongue in and out of his ass. He started to breathe deeply, and his cock started to twitch up and down with each movement of my tongue in and out of his bottom.

I tongue fucked Eric for a few minutes, but watching his large cock twitch up and down was getting me hungry for the taste of his dick. I pulled out of his bottom and gulped up his hard dick. As I took his cock in my mouth, and pushed a finger into his spit-lubed bottom. It slid easily in. I started to finger fuck and suck Eric with a co-ordinated rhythm, pulling my finger out as I plunged down on his dick, and then pushing my finger in his bottom as I moved up his shaft. He started moving his hips in time with this rhythm, forcing both his cock deeper in my mouth and my finger deeper in his bottom.

"More," Eric panted. "Another finger!"

I obeyed, and put a second finger in bottom. He moaned appreciatively and pushed has bottom down on my fingers. He held himself down on my fingers, moving his ass up and down in micro-pulses, sending pleasure throughout his body. I continued to suck on his dick, moving my head up and down his long, thick monster. 

"Another finger," he yelped out.

 I slipped a third finger into his bottom. Eric let out an animalistic grunt, and his cock started to spasm inside my mouth.

"Fuck, yes! Fuck, yes!" Eric called out.

I started to pump my fingers in and out of his bottom quickly, and hungrily suck on his monster cock. I could feel the cock jerk wildly with each push of my fingers inside his bottom. He let out a scream, and streams of hot liquid started to shot from the tip of his penis. I pushed my fingers as deeply as I could into Eric, which seemed to quicken the frequency of the waves of cum shooting out of him. I gulped each pulse of cum down, swallowing all but the last volley.

I pulled my fingers out of hid bottom and removed my mouth from his cock. I sat up on the sofa and opened my mouth, showing Eric his own cum resting in my mouth. I played with the white goo with my tongue for a moment before smiling and swallowing every last drop of it. I opened my mouth to show him it was empty. 

Eric moved quickly, grabbing me and pressing me down on the sofa. He held me down as he kissed me on the lips, his hands caressing my body. Eric started to explore my naked body, kissing my neck and shoulders, running his tongue down the side of my body, and then up onto my breast. His tongue flicked at the nipple of my left breast, and then he took my in his mouth. He used every part of his mouth - tongue, lips, and teeth - as he worked on my left nipple. As before, he was forceful, on the edge of inflicting pain but never quite crossing the edge. I started bucking hips, rubbing my increasingly hard clit against his leg.

Once my left breast had been teased and pleasured, Eric moved over to my right breast. Again he used his whole mouth to work the nipple, nipping and biting just enough to cause momentary shocks before releasing waves of pleasure.

He finished with my right breast, and quickly worked his mouth down to my clit. By now, I was hard as a rock, and Eric wasted no time in getting me in his mouth. Unlike the teasing that I had performed on him, Eric just started sucking right away. He took my full length in his mouth, and started pumping up and down. With the job he had done on my nipples, I was very horny and ready to come quickly. I grabbed his head and started to quickly and forcefully move in and out of his mouth.

My left hand balanced on Eric’s head, pushing it up and down in a sympathetic rhythm to my hips. My right hand flicked and played with my already hard nipples. The sensation of having clit being taken fully and my nipples being manipulated was enough to send me over the edge. I released a quick, enthusiastic burst of cum into Eric’s mouth, which he swallowed unquestioningly.

We rested on the sofa for half an hour, kissing lightly, and massaging each other’s bodies.

After half-an-hour, Eric was hard again. "I want to fuck you," he said.

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I got on all fours facing the windows, and Eric got behind me. As before, he pushed himself into me forcefully and fully. After the initial jolt, I relaxed and started to enjoy as Eric pushed himself in and out of me.

I looked over to my right, and was able to see the reflection of Eric and I in the mirror, I was on all fours, my flaccid clit swinging between my legs in rhythm with the pushes from Eric, behind her with his hands on my hips. His face was bright red with effort as he pushed his long, thick dick in and out of my tight pussy. Sweat started to gather on his brow.

I closed my eyes and arched my back. My breasts touched the sofa, and soon my nipples hardened from the friction of rubbing back and forth against the fabric of the sofa. I adjusted to the cock inside me and started to feel real pleasure from the penetration. With the pleasure from my nipples along with the feeling from my pussy, my clit started to get hard again. I looked over in the mirror, and saw my clit starting to grow. I watched as it got hard, and I could feel as it started to slap against my stomach. Watching it happen in the mirror made me even hornier, and my clit harder.

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Eric pushed himself deeply inside me and let out a loud grunt. He started pulsing his hips quickly, and let out a sound that was a mix between a growl and a scream as he shot out his second load of the night into my pussy. He held himself there for a few moments, and then pulled out.


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