Party Entertainment

A few months ago my Master and I were invited to a Private Fetish Party while vacationing at Hedonism in Negril Jamaica. Below is an excerpt of my journal detailing how my Master and I performed in front of all the party goers.

There I was in the middle of the room with a male next to me and next to him another female, our wrists bound and held high above our heads by lengths of hemp rope attached to an overhead cross-strut, part of the roof support lattice of the old warehouse. Their feet were just touching the floor, spread wide apart by means of three feet long spreader bars attached to our ankles by leather cuffs. My feet were also just barely touching the floor, but my feet were not bound to a spreader bar. On the floor kneeling in front of the man was another woman; she was completely naked, apart from a purple latex mask over her head. Her ankles had been bound together with a short length of white nylon cord. Her crossed wrists were tied together behind her back, with a similar length of nylon cord. Around her neck she wore a thick leather collar with a leash attached to it.

I was dressed in a skimpy green plaid skirt that sat low on my hips, a black latex thong, lacy black stay-up stockings that reached almost to my crotch, matching fingerless gloves, that reached up to my armpits, and black six-inch heels with platform soles. Around my trim waist, a tightly cinched, eight-inch wide, black leather corset, and a studded dog collar fastened around my neck.

About my wrists and upper arms, just above the elbows, were tight fitting black leather cuffs and armbands, similar to the ones that my Master wore, only smaller, with short lengths of chain attached to the armbands. My breasts were completely exposed. Half-inch diameter platinum rings hung from my pierced nipples, with three strands of cultured pearls attached to them. They swayed erotically, with every movement of my upper torso.

Next to me the man was wearing a pair of thong underwear that left nothing to the imagination.

The woman on the other side of the man was dress in a pair of black thong panties, high-heeled thigh high boots, and a black latex hood.

Tgirl Mistress

My Master (Eric) and my two companion’s Mistress chuckled and nodded with satisfaction at their rope work and in return I beamed with pride when I saw my master nod his approval knowing that everyone at the party would now see what an amazing master I had and how talented he was at tying exquisite knots.

My Master approached me and whispered in my ear, “Is my lil pet ready to entertain the party guests?” Before I could nod in agreement Eric began to gently tickle my ribs causing me to squirm in delight.

While this was going on the Mistress cackled with glee as she walked towards the other girl with a large pair of tailor's shears. "Have no fear my darling, I am merely going to complete your disrobing," she hissed. Her fingers gripped the front of her slave’s black thong just above her sex, while she slipped the one blade of the shears under the half-inch strip of tightly stretched material clinging high on her left hip.


The girl's bosom heaved, as she involuntarily sucked in her breath, and her Mistress chuckled once more. Still holding the front of the garment in place, she cut through the remaining strip of material on her other hip, using the razor sharp shears.


The girl gasped, aware that the only things still preserving what little remained of her modesty, was the hand of her Mistress, still clutching the front of her briefs.

"OLE!" the Mistress yelled, rising up to her full height, on the tips of her toes and yanking the scrap of underwear away from the girl’s body, like a matador pulling his red cape aside from the charging bull in a bullring. This caused her pelvis to jerk forward, involuntarily, clearly revealing her pussy to all the party goers that had slowly began to assemble around us to watch the show.

The mistress then approached the man next to me brandishing her shears, and preparing to remove his tightly clinging blue underwear, in a similar dramatic fashion. "Sorry to have kept you waiting, my dear," she murmured. "I hope you weren't feeling too left out of things? You look a little hot and flustered. Here, let me help cool you down." He slipped the blade of her shears beneath the strip of tightly stretched material on his hip.


Kneeling on the floor with her knees apart, facing the now nude man was another woman. Her private parts were openly displayed to the bound man, the other bound woman, and I. Her face was held close to the man's crotch, by means of a thick leather slave collar buckled about her neck and an attached chain leash, currently held in the hands of her Mistress.

The man next to me was now sporting a raging hard-on and the bulbous head of his twitching cock, was mere inches away from the full, red-painted lips of the gorgeous, naked girl, kneeling before him her eyes were downcast.

I felt a perverse fascination as I watched his thick penis bobbing up and down.
Tgirl gets dominated

"Take him in your mouth, slut!" the kneeling girl’s Mistress ordered, while giving an encouraging jerk on the leash, yanking her face closer to the man’s crotch.

The girl obediently opened her mouth, allowing her Mistress to guide the thick shaft between her wide-stretched lips.

The man groaned and jerked his hips forward, as he felt her tongue lave over the underside of his cock, and he eagerly forced himself deeper into the sexy girl's hot wet mouth.

The man was grunting with each new thrust. "Uh! Uh! Uh! Uh! I'm gonna cum!" he gasped as he started to jet spurts of his thick semen into the back of the girl’s throat.

She coughed and gagged, desperately swallowing his discharge, as she tried to clear her air passages. Excess cum oozed out from between her tightly stretched lips and his thick shaft running down over her chin and glistening, obscenely.

Finally, he pulled his shrinking member from her mouth and she lowered her head again.

The Mistress then walked over to a small bag sitting on the floor and pulled out a huge strap on dildo and proceeded to buckle the strap on around her hips. The dildo looked to be a good 14” long and was really thick.

The other bound girl cried out, "PLEASE MISTRESS! Please, nooooooooo! M-My pussy could NEVER take something that s-size!" Shaking her head, vigorously, her eyes glued to the huge, life-like dildo, bobbing up and down in front of her Mistress's crotch.

"Who said anything about your pussy, slut? This is for your pretty little ass!"

The girl gasped, squirming, desperately, as her smiling Mistress walked around behind her and out of the girl’s field of view. The Mistress placed her hands on the girl’s shapely buttocks, spreading her ass cheeks apart. Her Mistress then pushed the head of the huge dildo, nudging it against the girl’s small, brown, anal sphincter.

"Nooooooooooooooo, please Mistress! It is too big!" she protested, shaking her head and trying, in vain, to pull away.

"Ahhhh!" cried the girl, jerking forward only as much as her bondage would allow, which wasn't very far. At this point only the first inch of the life-like dildo had managed to overcome the resistance of the girl’s anal muscles, which were desperately trying to prevent the ingress of this unwanted intruder.

The Mistress firmly gripped the girl's hips and thrust again, partially overcoming the resistance and penetrating a further inch or so.

The girl wailed in agony, with each successive thrust, until her Mistress’s artificial appendage was fully embedded inside the girl’s shapely ass. By now, the girl was drenched in sweat.

"Relax, my Lil Pet,” the Mistress sneered. “I'm sure you're going to love every minute and so will our audience.” Her Mistress began to slowly rotate her hips and ease in and out of the girl's pert rear.

I could tell from the girl’s expression that the pain had begun to recede and was replaced by a feeling of intense pleasure. The Mistress slipped her hands around the girl's hips then reached down and drew apart her outer labia. Then she began to rub and squeeze the girl's already puffy engorged clitoris, in time with her rhythmic thrusting.

"Aaaaahhh! Ooooohhh,” the girl gasped, arching her spine and throwing back her head, as her orgasm started to rapidly build.
Tgirl gets tied up

"Ah, ah, ah, ah, ah..." the girl soon found herself gasping in time with each thrust, each squeeze. She was now pushing her ass back, trying to take even more of the huge dildo, as her climax rapidly approached like an out of control locomotive.

"Yes, yes, oh yesss, yessssssssssss Mistreess!" she cried, her nipples standing out like twin mountain peaks, as her Mistress sent her over the edge into a mind blowing orgasm.

When girl stopped jerking her hips, her Mistress slowly withdrew the slick, gleaming shaft, a satisfied smirk on her lips.

"All finished!" the Mistress called out to the crowd that had gathered around us, while casually running her clenched right hand up and down the slimy shaft, as if it were the real thing.

While I watch these two scenes unfold before me, my body was also being teased and pleasured under the talented hands of my Master. First he started off by tickling my helpless body, then pulling on the pearls attached to my nipple rings, followed by gentle caressing, and then continued with the exquisite pleasure of the steel pinwheel along my sensitive skin. That combined with the visual stimulation next to me had me begging my Master for more. My Master responded by asking me what it was I desired. He wanted me to beg for it tonight in front of all the party goers.

As much as I wanted to hold out and enjoy the exquisite please more, my body could not handle any more stimulation instead my body desperately craved for release, before I knew what I was saying my lips whispered into my maters eye, “Please Master I need you to fuck me!” He laughed and said he couldn't hear me, he wanted to further humiliate me be making sure everyone watching knew just how desperately I needed my sexual release. By this point I was beyond caring what everyone in the room thought, I just knew I needed to feel my master deep inside of me, so I screamed, “Master please fuck me, fuck me hard!”

“So my lil slave wants her Master to fuck her like a filthy whore in front of everyone here at the party”, my master yelled with delight. “Yes, please Master, fuck me like a filthy whore in front of everyone, I need you so badly, please fuck your lil slut now”, I cried out!

Shemale slave

With that my master stepped back and I couldn't help but admire lust after his incredible broad shouldered, muscular physique, he was wearing tight-fitting leather shorts, with an impressive bulge at the front, a black leather waistcoat open at the front to reveal his tanned muscular chest, black leather boots. He also wore leather, lace-up cuffs about his wrists. His only item of jewelry was a gold-colored medallion with my name inscribed with his, dangling from a chain about his neck. My Master looked over to the other Mistress and asked, “Can you have your slave please remove my slaves panties so that I can fuck her like the filthy whore she is in front of all our guests.” “With pleasure, but only if I get a piece of that ass first,” the Mistress cooed! “By all means”, my Master laughed! “After all she is a filthy whore that can only think about getting fucked all the time! Isn't that right?” “Yes master I am a filthy whore that only thinks about getting fucked, please Mistress fuck my ass!”

The Mistress was an incredible beautiful woman. She had shoulder length red hair which stood in stark contrast to her pale complexion. She was wearing a grey transparent latex catsuit that hugged her incredible body perfectly. Around her waist she wore a black waist clincher that gave her an incredible hourglass figure. She was also wearing thigh hi black leather boots with 6 inch spiked heels. They had buckles running up the entire length of the boots. About her hips were black leather straps that held the massive strap on. Seeing it up close now, it looked to be at least 14 inches long and very thick. I noticed that Mistress’s hand barely made it around the dildo when she stroked it in her hands.

After hearing me beg the mistress yanked on the leash of her slave and led her over to me and barked, “Remove the whores panties but you must first caress every inch of her legs with your hands and lips!” While Mistress walked by me, I couldn't help but stare in lust at the dildo bounce as she swayed her hips. Seeing where my gaze had been, Mistress cooed, “Does the filthy lil whore like what she sees?” “Yes mistress! You have a beautiful cock!”

Next thing I knew I could felt the warm breath from the slave’s mouth on the inside of my thighs and her nails gently glide up the back of my thighs to the curve of my ass and then ever so slowly back down my legs to the back of my knees. She was giving me chills up and down my spine! I threw back my head and moaned, “ooooohhh yeeeeeeeeees!” My body slowly began to be covered in goose bumps under the slave’s attentive hands and lips. She continued to caress and nibble on my legs causing shivers to run up and down my spine.

Mistress then barked out to her slave, “Enough! Remove the filthy whore’s panties now!” I could feel the slave’s fingers slide agonizing slow up the back of my thighs and under my skirt to the waistband of my latex thong. Mistress shouted again at her slave, “What are you waiting for? Remove her panties now!” The slave’s fingers slowly made their way up the back of my legs again and hooked under the waistband of my thong. She then slowly began to peel the latex thong down my legs until they were around my ankles. I was now completely untucked, but the hem of my skirt still hide my lil surprise.

“Now prepare this filthy lil whore’s ass for your Mistress”. Again I could feel the slave’s hands gentle caress the back of my legs. A guttural “Mmmmmmmmmmmmmm”, escaped from my lips. Only this time her hands continued up my legs and across my bottom until she had tucked the back hem of my skirt into the waistband. Once my skirt was tucked I felt the slaves tongue slide up and down the crevice of my butt cheeks. Throwing my head back and arching my back so that I could push my bottom towards the slave’s face, I moan, “oh gawd yeesssssssssssssssss!” as I feel the slaves tongue flicker against my rosebud. The slave girl continues to tease and torment my rosebud with her tongue, but not penetrating me! I am now gyrating my hips in a futile attempt to feel the slave’s tongue penetrate me, but instead she continues her exquisite teasing!

My mind is now completely overwhelmed with sexual desire, craving, and need!! Oh please mistress, fuck me!! Fuck your filthy whore! I need it so much! I need to feel you inside of me”, I sobbed in a tremulous voice! Hearing me beg again both my Master and Mistress laughed in unison. Mistress then said to my Master, “You were so right, your lil slut can’t even control herself in front of a room of strangers, listen to her beg to be fucked right here in front of everyone!” Looking directly into my eyes Mistress asked me, “Don’t you have any dignity you lil slut, can’t you even control yourself during a party?” “No Mistress”, I cried in desperation, “I am a dirty lil slut and I am so horny that I can’t control myself I need to be fucked right here in front of everyone here at the party. Please Mistress fuck me, fuck me like a filthy lil whore!”

Hearing me beg, mistress began to stroke the massive dildo between her hands, “Is this what the slut wants?” Ooooh yes mistress, please fuck me with your massive cock”, I cried! My hips continued to gyrate against the slaves tongue while Mistress stroked the massive dildo in front of me. “Pleeeeeeeeeeeeeeeease Mistress, fuck me”, I cried again!

Mistress laughed and slowly began to walk around me my eyes were again fixed on the massive dildo. I watched in desperate lust as it bounced up and down to the sway of Mistress’s hips! “Enough”, yelled Mistress to her slave as she jerked at her leash. I moaned as the slave’s tongue left my rosebud.

The Mistress yelled, “Show me how much you want me to fuck you up the ass!” As she said this she pressed the dildo so that its full length was positioned in the crack of my cheeks. Slowly I began to gyrate my hips again working the dildo further and further between my cheeks until I could feel the tip positioned against my rosebud.

“Please Mistress”, I cried “fuck your filthy whore in the ass, I need it so badly!”

Just as those words escape my lips, Mistress thrust the dildo completely inside of me! “Oooooooooooh yeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeees, I screamed while throwing my head back! Oh yeessssssssssss give me more Mistress! Fuck your filthy whore, fuck my ass!” Mistress continued her powerful thrusts driving the full length of dildo deep into my tight clinching ass. The more she fucked me the more I could feel my orgasm slowly building as the dildo continued to rub and massage my prostate. Then the floodgates opened and my orgasm shot through my body, I threw my head back again and screamed, “Ooooh gaaaawd yeeessssssssssssss!” as the orgasm continued to wash over my body.

Mistress wasn’t finished with me yet. She continued to pound my ass with that wonderful cock of hers, with one of her hands on my hip for leverage and the other alternating between teasing my nipples and pulling my hair Mistress continued to piston the dildo in and out of my ass and in turn stimulating my prostate in the most exquisite way. Before my mind and body were able to recover from my first orgasm I could already feel another one building from deep inside of me. My hips were push against Mistress’s thrusts causing the dildo to penetrate even deeper inside of me. At last the orgasm overtook my entire body as I screamed in pleasure, “Ooooooohhhhhhhhhh Yeeeeeeeeeeeeesssssssssssssssssss!” My body convulsed as wave after wave of pure bliss coursed through my body. When I was finally able to support my own weight again I heard Mistress cackle, “Quite the Lil Slut you have Eric” as she slowly withdrew the dildo out of me. “And she tastes absolutely delicious!”, as mistress scooped up some of my cum that was now dripping down my legs with her finger and licked it with her tongue.

Master’s laughter awakened me from my exhausted state of bliss. I opened my eyes to see him standing in front of me. Again I was reminded how lucky I was to have such a beautiful Master, tonight he was wearing a tight-fitting pair of black leather boxer shorts, with an impressive bulge at the front, a black leather waistcoat, open at the front, to reveal his tanned muscular chest and mid-thigh length tight-fitting black leather boots. He also wore a four-inch, black studded leather belt, tightly cinched about his narrow waist and matching leather, lace-up cuffs about his wrists. Looking directly into my eyes and soul Master removed his tight fitting leather shorts revealing his beautiful cock bobbing up and down as he removed his legs from the shorts. Master’s cock was already fully erect to its magnificent 11” and ready to give my body more pleasure that it so desperately craved. As he walked up to me I couldn't help but bit my lower lip in anticipation of feeling my master inside of me once again!

Master grabbed my ass and lifted me up so that I could wrap my legs around his body as he slid his wonderful cock slid inside of me. I groaned, in a mixture of pain and passion, as Master’s thick cock began to piston in and out of my stretched ass, my spine arching back causing my swollen breasts to thrust out, my nipples hard and erect with unbridled passion as the pearls attached to my nipple rings swayed back and forth across my sweat drenched body.

"Oooooh, yeeeeeeeeeeeeeees, Master, ooooooh yeeeeeeeeees" I moaned, as I felt another orgasm starting to build, deep within me. "Aaahhhhhh! Ooooh dear Gaaawd! Yeeeeeeeeeeeeeees!" My hips begin rocking forward to meet each thrust from Master. Master yelled, "Hallelujah!" as he threw both hands in the air and shaking them vigorously, like some sort of religious preacher, as he thrust his hips forward and started to cum deep inside of me. The sensation of his twitching cock as he started to orgasm triggered one final orgasm from me that night. Throwing my head back, arching my back, and gyrating my hips I screamed out, “Oooooooooooooooooooh yeeeessssssssssssssssss!”
Tgirl slave orgasm

When Master’s climax was over he withdrew his shrinking cock and pulled my clinging legs from around his hips, before turning to face the crowd with a satisfied grin, casually resting his fat, slimy cock in the palm of his right hand, as he did so.

Once again, my legs were so weak from the last orgasm that I had to rely on the cuffs around my wrists to help me support my weight. I could feel a mixture of my own cum and now Masters cum dripping from my now gaping hole and down my legs to get soaked up by my stockings.

Once I had recovered I lifted my head and glanced around the room to see looks of lust and desire in the eyes of all the party goers that had gathered around to watch the performance. I beamed with pride knowing that my public submission of my body to my Master had in part caused this reaction in all who watched. I wondered to myself while looking at all the expressions who wished that I was their slave and also who would be fantasizing about me later tonight as they released their built up sexual tension.

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