T-Girl Dating Question.

  We recently got a very good & important question from a user of ours.  We felt that instead of replying just to him, we’d make a new post.  This is a question that many guys looking for TS/TG Girls ask...

"To whomever could advise....
  I am a 32 yr old bi-sexual man in the closet and with the simple minded family i come from will have to live my entire life closeted. However, having failed relationship 1 after another with both men and women, i've always found myself waiting, looking, and/or hoping to find a transexual girl to have a relationship with for i find myself more attracted to women physically, but actually prefer men sexually. So the dilemma here is i love a beautiful woman, but they don’t have the parts i need to be happy in a relationship. I find it difficult to find a transgendered girl that has all the qualities even hopes and dreams that most women have as far as their man is concerned. what i mean with that is, like how do i go about pursuing or even locating a transgendered girl that looks, sounds, maybe even behaves like the majority of women, that wants a man/spouse, with the secrets i have and have to keep, that just wants a man to love her, work hard for her, and mostly a long happy life with a man, that would want her to keep the taboo (if u will 4 sake of ppl who cant handle or accept ppl for being born the way we r) of our lives to us. I've always been attracted to transgendered women ever since i figured out i was bi, and at times fantacise of becoming transgender girl myself, but as i said earlier, that will never be an option for me because of my situation. I am very masculine man, that even gets told often by my fellow gays that they would never assume or much less even approach me in a flirting or curious manner because of my appearance is intimidating. Never the less here i am, and am who i am, and know what i want and all that can work for me is a transgendered girl, who can appreciate, and sympathise, love, and stand by her man(myself) in my particular, but i'm sure very common situation... Thank you for reading my plea for advice in what to do about my unfortunate position...
                                                          Curt, from illinois"

  Thanks for your question.  First off, your situation is neither unique nor uncommon.  There are many, many men in the same situation as you are (as testament by the growing number of TS and TG porn, cam and dating sites) so please don’t feel that you’re the only one with these issues or that your circumstances are any different from anyone else.

  Second, the availability of TS/TG girls is going to depend largely on your location.  Obviously, the more metropolitan you location is, the better your chances will be in dating a TS girl.  Being in Illinois, or, preferably in Chicago, is going to give you a better chance than if you were in a city like Nashville, TN.  However, I do know a couple of beautiful TS girls who live in Nashville, so I guess my point is that you just never know.  Any location has is possibilities weather they are in a big city or in a rural area.

  The biggest problem in dating a TS girl is finding one.  I know it sounds funny, but the percentage of the population of TS girls is small, so the likelihood of running into one is very small too.  Your best bet is do just do some research.  Find out where the TS clubs and hangouts are – there are out there, ya just gotta find ‘em.  Google, in this case, is your best friend!

  If, though, you are very serious about this, visit Transgender Girlfriends and speak with the very beautiful and talented Amber Lynn.  She is a T-girl dating coach and almost surely has advice for you in the Illinois area.

  Just remember, TG girls are just like any other woman out there.  True TG girls honestly believe that they are women born into men’s bodies, so treat them as such.  If you truly want to be with a TG girl, and your intentions are honest, then you shouldn’t have too much trouble finding one once you know were to look.  Really, look up Amber, she’ll be more than happy to help you!

By Seditio