First Time.

  Wow - if you have ever wondered what it would be like to be with a TS girl, this would be a great place to start.  Just got this from a “friend” of mine who wanted to write about his first TSgirl experience.  Can’t say for sure if it’s 100% true, but who cares?  I do know that they were together so it’s probably very accurate!!                                                                                      
From anonymous!   


  Being in the entertainment industry and living in the LA areas means that I have a pretty diverse group of friends and colleagues.  Male, female, straight, gay, bi, transgendered – I pretty much know someone from any group you can imagine!  That’s one of the joys of living in LA; the eclectic mix of genders, races and ethnicities makes every day a real learning experience!   
   I met Jennifer (not her real name) during a holiday party that my female co-worker of mine threw at her apartment just this past Christmas.   Jennifer, who is my co-worker’s roommate, is a stunning brunet, about 5’9”, 130lbs, with beautiful skin, full C-cup breasts and an absolutely gorgeous body!  She is easily passible, and I only knew that she was a TS-girl because my co-worker mentioned it to me. 
   During the party we made eye contact, and talked a little.  She flirted with me a little, but I was way too nervous to really do much about it.  But I did learn a lot about her, and found her to be as cool as she was pretty.  The Christmas party pretty much ended there and I went home alone, but over the next couple of weeks I couldn’t help myself from thinking about her – quite a bit actually.
   Then, one night it happened!  My co-worker had an out of town business meeting but left a presentation prop at work.  She called me and asked if I could drop it off at her apartment – she was at her boyfriends that evening, but would pick it up on the way to the airport the next morning.  I thought, “Great, I’d get to see Jennifer again,” and rushed right over!
   I still think this whole things was a setup (they claim it wasn’t) because when I finally got there to drop off the prop, Jennifer was all alone, and looking amazingly sexy.  It was a little warm that night so when she opened the door she was wearing only some small jeans shorts and a pink babydoll shirt that completely outlined her amazing breasts.  She looked incredible!
LA shemale

   She invited me in and I put the presentation prop on the table.  She then asked if I was busy and if I wanted to hang out for a while.  I immediately said, sure!!!!  She told me to make myself comfortable on the couch while she got us some drinks and snacks.  I was sitting on her couch watching the movie that she had on TV when she returned and she sat next to me.  We chatted for a bit before the subject of the Christmas party came up. 
   She leaned back on the couch and asked, “Why didn’t you try to hit on me at the party?”  She knew exactly what she was doing because her leaning back in those short jean shorts totally exposed what she was wearing underneath – which was nothing.  I was staring at her beautiful flaccid cock; totally shaved and starting to grow a little!  It was an amazing site!  Before I could even think of an answer she asked, “So, do you like what you see?” 
   I was completely dumbfounded – I had no idea what to say.  I probably mumbled something stupid, I can’t remember… but it didn’t matter.  Within two seconds our lips were locked together. We were kissing and caressing like crazy!  She was rubbing my cock on the outside of my pants while I was squeezing her tits and kissing her neck.  She lifted her arms and I pulled her shirt off her revealing two perfectly shaped tits!  Her surgeon is a freaking genius!
   I began to suck on her tits and nipples as she worked my belt off and pulled my pants down.  I stood up to take my shirt off while she pulled down my pants and boxers.  She stroked my cock for a couple of seconds and teased the tip with her tongue.  She told me to lie back on the couch and to just relax – I did.  She started to work my shaft with her mouth while she caressed my balls.  Within seconds I was as hard as a rock and she was sucking my shaft up and down!  She was really giving me one of the best blow jobs of my life when she suddenly stopped and said, “Your turn!” 
  Fuck – my heart was racing like crazy!  I had never done this before and she knew it.  But she was very cool and kind and put me to ease… she just told me to do whatever comes naturally!  After that, I wasn’t nervous at all.  I stroked her cock until it was hard and began to suck on it.  It was really no more or no less natural than eating pussy.  Soon I had all of her in my mouth and basically sucked her cock exactly the same way I like to have mine done!

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   Finally we moved to her bedroom where we went into a 69 position for about 15 minutes.  It was amazing! Two people sucking each other’s cock at the same time, all those slurping and sucking and moaning sounds!  I was unbelievably hard!
   After a few minutes she reached into her nightstand and pulled out a condom. I thought, yessss…. But noooo.  She said, “I want to fuck YOU now!” 
Now I was scared!  Holy shit, what did I get myself into?  She reassured me that she was used to first timers and that she would be gentile.  She said she would stop if I wanted to, but she was dying to fuck me.  So I said, “Ok, let’s try it.”
   She grabbed the lube, made me get into the doggie position and massaged my asshole and balls while she lubed me up.  I sucked on her for a few seconds then she got behind me.  She started to loosen me up with a couple of fingers.  After a couple of minutes she tried to enter me.  Let’s just say that after many of minutes and me biting the fuck out of her pillow she was in, and fucking me like crazy! (Sooo glad she wasn’t bigger than 7”!)   
   She had me on the bottom for about 15 minutes before she pulled out and flipped me over.  She fuck me again in the missionary position while I was playing and sucking on her tits!  She finally pulled out, grabbed another condom and told me to fuck her!

  Still laying on my back she sucked me until I was hard again, put the condom on me, and climbed on!  She was on top, grinding me for a long time while I played with her tits some more!  Her tits were hard, obviously, but her boob job was amazing! She had big areolas and hard nipples that looked amazingly like natural female breasts!    
   Then she got up and had me sit in a chair while she sat back down on my cock.  We were facing a long mirror.  As she bounced on my cock I reach around and played with her tits and kissed her neck.  She moaned and really enjoyed it.  In the mirror I could see her bouncing up and down.  Her cock was flopping up and down as she rode me.  It was an amazing sight!  Another 10 minutes or so passed before we both moved back to the bed.  She was on her back as I entered her on my knees.  I fucked her hard for a couple more minutes but I was ready to cum!  I ask her where she wanted it and she told me to cum on her tits!  I then pulled out, grabbed my cock and shot cum all over her tits and face!  She grabbed my cock and sucked me more while I played with her tits.    

  While she was still on her back, I began to kiss her neck, lips, shoulders and worked my way down to her bellybutton.  I began to kiss her thighs and legs and finally hovered right above her cock.  I began to tease the tip of her cock with my tongue before I finally took her inside my mouth.  I began to stroke her shaft up and down!  Then I had all of her in my mouth and began to suck her off!  She loved it, but admitted that it was a little difficult for her to cum sometimes.  Finally she grabbed her shaft and was jerking it while I sucked on her balls and played with her asshole.  After a few minutes of this, she arched her back and let her cum fly all over the place!  It was an amazing site, for sure! 

  We then moved to the shower where I got a chance to soap her up and explore more of her amazing body!  She was in great shape; she obviously spent a lot of time working out!  Her ass was amazing and her legs were long and very smooth!  We made out again in the shower and we both got hard again pretty quick.  We stood face to face with each other and I grabbed both our cocks with my hand!  We then squeezed our bodies together while I jerked us both off at the same time while we kissed and made out!  It was amazing watching us grind our wet, hard, cocks together while the shower sprayed hot water all over our bodies.  After a few minutes of grinding and kissing each other I came again.  She grabbed my cock, got down on her knees and took my entire load in her mouth.  She looked up at me with her beautiful eyes and swallowed every drop with the tip of my cock still in her mouth!  She was amazing!
Tranny in the shower

   After we dried off we flirted and played around a bit.  She asked me to spend the night, which I really wanted to, but I had to be in the office early the next day.  However, that was only the first night of great sex that we had together!  She is beautiful and amazing and we’ve had a lot of fun ever since!!!

By Seditio